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Posted by on May 18, 2016 in BlogPosts, Ducks, Hatching Log | 0 comments

Batch 02 Recap

Batch 02 hatched 5/14 rather quickly, with the first one out of its egg around 5:20pm and 5 hatched by 1am on 5/15.

As usual, the large egg was later than the rest and I assisted around 10am on the 15th with a safety hole. By 4 pm no progress had been made and I assisted further. The duckling kicked itself out of the shell by 6pm and spent a full day along in the incubator because it had ripped off its umbilical cord and was bleeding during the hatch.

On to the numbers:

Batch 02

Eggs Developed/Eggs Set: 6/7 (85.7%)
Eggs Developed/Eggs Hatched: 6/6 (100%)

2016 Numbers

Eggs Developed/Eggs Set: 12/14 (85.7%)
Eggs Developed/Eggs Hatched: 11/12 (91.6%)


The New Ducklings:


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