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Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Ducks, Hatching Log, Spring | 0 comments

Crisis Averted

Tuesday night I came home for work and set about with my usual chores. Dogs go outside, Check duckling food/water, turn eggs, start oven for dinner, let dogs in etc. but my normal routine was seriously waylaid by a low temperature warning that was flashing on my incubator.

23.6˚C, about room temp. I immediately switched from “chores” mode to “run around like a crazy person” mode.

Maybe if I unplug it and plug it back in!? Works with the router, so why not?

No luck.

Maybe the sensor is wonky and it’s actually still warm?

Open it up, room temp inside the incubator.

Okay, maybe I can fit all the eggs in the working incubator! (I have two batches, totally 13 eggs at this point.)

Manage to cram all but five duck eggs in a Brisnea min advance before (Not bad! 8 duck eggs in the mini advance!)

I ended up putting the 5 duck eggs in the brooder with the 2 wk old ducklings and cranking the heat lamp up while I called around to the local TSC’s. I hate their hold music. It might not seem obvious based on this blog, but I am NOT a country girl. My anxiety was high, and songs about pickup trucks were not helping.

After calling 3 stores and cooking dinner while on hold listening to songs about pickup trucks, I instructed Jay to take the dinner rolls out of the oven in 5 minutes and eat dinner with out me. I had a 90 minute round trip to the closest TSC that had incubators in stock. I headed out and ended up calling Jay only 5 times asking what the temp in the brooder was.

Back at home with a new (45 egg!) incubator I plugged it in and sat down for some dinner. Honestly, (and this is NOT recommended) I didn’t wait the full 8 hours before putting the eggs in the new incubator. I figured it would be worse to have the eggs out in the open in the brooder, where it’s likely to get down to 95˚F than in the incubator which at that point had hit the 99˚F mark.

This evening I candled both batches. Batch 03, the batch in the failed incubator) is showing movement in all eggs and batch 02 show signs of normal development.

I had purchased the second incubator on Amazon a little over 2 weeks earlier, so I am able to return it for a full refund.

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