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Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in BlogPosts, Ducks, Hatching Log, Spring | 0 comments

Duckling  Hatching – Day 6

Duckling Hatching – Day 6

On my way home from the office I stopped at CVS and grabbed a thermometer to double check my temp inside the incubator. The good news is that while the temp was a little high, it wasn’t that far off. I spent about a half hour fiddling with the temperature but I’m getting reliable readings at 37.5˚C / 99.5˚F. I was a little wary about fiddling with the temperature for fear of an inaccurate thermometer, but then I realized that a clinical thermometer would need to be more accurate than my cheapo digital thermometers. (Clinical thermometers prevent the indicating liquid from traveling back down to the bulb, so they will read the max temperature. You need to shake the thermometer to reset it. THIS accounted for about 15 minutes of my 30 minute calibration time.)

The only thermometer that they sold that wasn’t digital was this one which cost me about $8. Of course, I dropped it as I was putting it back in the plastic case it came with. I did notice that the Kinsa thermometer was on sale and am considering picking one up since I could leave the probe in the incubator and plug it in to a phone when ever I need to check the reading.

So with the incubator temps verified and set I turned the eggs and waited anxiously for the sun to set so I could candle.



They are coming along! Five out of the seven have obvious development. Of the 2 that aren’t obvious one is one of the really big eggs which is tough to get a good candle on. The other I’m pretty convinced isn’t going to do anything, but I’ll give them both a few more days before I chuck either. I was blown away at the veining but even more blown away by the tiniest of heartbeats I’ve ever seen. Even this early in the development I could see the rhythmic pulse of the newly formed organ inside the shell. The photos don’t really do it justice, and I went to bed immediately regretted not having taken video.

This morning I got up, turned the eggs and took one into the office where I closed the blinds, shut the door and captured this video:

A video posted by 🍑 (@dotknott) on

You can TOTALLY see the heartbeat!

Tonight I’m planning on weighing again and I’ll candle and mark the air sac on each eggs.

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