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Old Lady (Deceased)

Duckling id: 2015-01
Egg Id:
Hatch Date: 2015-04-01 00:00:00
Weight at Hatch: 0g
Sex: female
Legband Color: purple

"Old Lady" has been at Heroux Potager since spring of 2015. She’s a reliable layer, and has survived a few nights outside the coop after refusing to come home. As of fall ’16 she’s the matriarch of the flock and doesn’t tolerate much from the young ducks in her flock. She went broody in late spring 2016, and hatched a single duckling. Her post-broody laying hiatus lasted until Mid October 2016.

Egg Stats based on known egg production:

Green: Large Eggs
Yellow: Extra-Large
Red: Jumbo, or larger

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