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Ada (Deceased)

Duckling id: 2016-09
Egg Id: 02-04
Hatch Date: 2016-05-15 01:00:00
Weight at Hatch: 55g
Sex: female
Legband Color: light blue

11 days old: 342g

8 days old: 196g

5 days old: 122g

Ada, a.k.a Brienne, a.k.a. Homegirl

(2016-09) By far, our largest female. While not overly impressive at hatch, she grew quickly and is easily identified in the flock with out the aide of leg bands.

Ada had a tough 2017 starting with being caught up in some trash, followed by a follow up visit the vet after the swelling returned after two weeks of being fine, and finally, she had an encounter with something that eventually took her life.

Died 4/18/2017 @ 11 mos.

Egg Stats based on known egg production:

Green: Large Eggs
Yellow: Extra-Large
Red: Jumbo, or larger

Mother: Old Lady
Father: Boy Jerk v. 2.0

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