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Posted by on Jan 26, 2017 in Ducks, Winter | 0 comments

Flooding, Trash and and Injured Duck

Flooding, Trash and and Injured Duck

The rain we’ve had the last few days caused the stream to rise a bit yesterday. It also caused some trash to make its way downstream. I came home yesterday afternoon to a duck with a length of string wrapped tightly around her leg and tangled up with two saplings. I had to climb to the other side of the stream and cut the saplings to get her out. The string was so tight on her leg I couldn’t get my knife under it and ended up using nail clippers to remove and untangle the mess. Last night she seemed okay, though she was limping a little, probably from having her leg tied back for as long as it was. She was still limping this AM and I noticed that she’s now swollen as well (overall, her leg looks worse than it did yesterday, but I’m not sure how much of that is because I have better lighting and can see so much more of it.)


I’ve moved her to a dog kennel on the back porch where she’s set up and hopefully comfortable. So far, she’s eating, drinking and active. I filled up the tub and let her have a warm swim and she was moving her injured leg around quite a bit, even trying to use it to scratch her face. After her bath, she even preened herself. Standing up.

We’ve got a Vet appointment scheduled for Friday afternoon. In the mean time, more warm baths and epsom salt compresses. I’m really hoping that the vet has some good news. After the loss of Old Lady, two weeks ago, losing another hen would put the flock out of balance. If Brienne can’t be saved, then one of the drakes needs to go too, bringing the flock down to 3. Not bad for breeding, but not what I was hoping for.

Even with good news from the vet it’s likely the Brienne will be living on the porch for the next month, which starts to coincide with duckling hatches. More ducks in more places than I had planned for.



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