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Posted by on Jul 18, 2017 in BlogPosts | 0 comments

Heroux Potager and the Temporary Chickens

Heroux Potager and the Temporary Chickens

Just over a month ago I was talking to a close friend who is going through some health troubles. After meeting with her doctor, it was determined that she needed to increase the amount of meat in her diet. As a long time vegetarian, that was proving to be a struggle. Knowing that she needs to eat meat, she started to look for local producers where she could get local poultry. The were a few at farmer’s markets, but few farmer’s markets that she could get to with her schedule. She was able to get what she needed, though it wasn’t easy, nor convenient.

A few days later I came across an ad on Facebook for free chickens. I drove out to Dighton and came back with six – Three Rhode Island Red / Leghorn crosses and 3 German bielefelders. The current plan is to get them to 14 weeks and weigh, however the current plan will be set aside as soon as one of them starts to crow.

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