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Incubator Cam

Welcome to the incubator cam! Below you’ll see a live stream (if it’s up) of either the incubator during lockdown/hatching or the brooder.
Please Note: things can go wrong during hatching. Please understand that I will do my best to assist, but sometimes things are out of my control.




Latest Duck Posts

How to: Matching Eggs to Hens

As I mentioned previously, I have a duck on meds, whose eggs cannot be eaten for 6 weeks after her last dose. This is somewhat problematic, since this means that even if she’s healed, she can’t be returned to the flock, since I’d be unable...Read More »

Injured Duck Update

Improvised duck transport device.

I managed to get Brienne in to see the vet late last week. Getting her there was a task in it’s own rite, but once we got there she calmed down, and seemed not to mind the attention that being...Read More »

Flooding, Trash and and Injured Duck

The rain we’ve had the last few days caused the stream to rise a bit yesterday. It also caused some trash to make its way downstream. I came home yesterday afternoon to a duck with a length of string wrapped tightly around her leg and tangled up with two saplings....Read More »

R.I.P. Old Lady

Yesterday afternoon I left work early to get home to do some duck chores since the temps were comfortably above freezing. I got home about an hour before sunset, and started to clear out the hen house. Usually when I get home, the ducks recognize me and come up for...Read More »

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