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Posted by on Feb 3, 2017 in Ducks |

Injured Duck Update

Injured Duck Update


Improvised duck transport device.

I managed to get Brienne in to see the vet late last week. Getting her there was a task in it’s own rite, but once we got there she calmed down, and seemed not to mind the attention that being a duck in a vets office brings. The diagnosis is that while she does have some necrosis of the leg tissue, it isn’t deep, so she’ll keep her leg. Had I not been able to get the swelling down, that may not have been the case.


She doesn’t mind being the center of attention, I’m pretty sure.



Her wound looks a little gross here, but some of that is because I’d just applied her topical.

Brienne and I came back home with an oral anti inflammatory, and a topical antibiotic. The swelling is gone at this point, and she seems to be back to her old self again, demanding that I let her out and feed her at 6:30 am. She still isn’t putting much weight on the foot, but she’s still healing. Unfortunately, the oral meds she’s on makes her eggs unsafe for human consumption for about 6 weeks, so she won’t be back with the flock for a while.


She can put weight on her foot, she just doesn’t most of the time.