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Meet the Quacksons

We have several Saxony Ducks on the homestead. We used to have just 5, and called them The Quackson Five but that was last year, and now they’re just The Quacksons. We hatch out ducklings every spring to replace lost flock members, and every few years introduce new stock to the flock to prevent problems from line breeding. Our current flock is below, as well as available ducklings.




AnneMarie (female – green)
Alda (female – dark blue)
Agatha (female – green)
Blas (female – orange)
Berta (female – dark blue)
Regina (female – yellow)
Selda (female – grey)
Salome (female – purple)
Bodil (2017-28) (female – light blue)
Rita (female – dark blue)
Rillie (female – dark blue)

Brocken (Chunk) (male – light blue)
2017-18 (male – red)
2017-21 (male – green)
2017-22 (male – grey)

Available Ducklings

If you’re interested in Saxony ducks, please drop us a line.




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